Due Diligence & Know Your Customer (KYC)

Background research on people & companies including: company directors, partners, shareholders and employees. We can profile a person’s business interests, reputation and business associates as well as uncovering any negative issues which may pose a risk to your business. Our due diligence services can help you mitigate risk and meet legal requirements including anti-money laundering and countering terrorist financing regulations.

We offer a range of pre-employment screening options from basic level checks to more detailed checks often required for senior level hires.

Business Intelligence

With access to a range of commercial databases, we can provide you with business intelligence to support your business whether it is for marketing purposes, business development, mergers & acquisitions, litigation support and asset tracing. We can source original corporate filings in most jurisdictions as required.

Market & Competitor Intelligence

We can provide research and analysis of a specific market which can include identifying key players, market shares, brands and competitor information. We can also provide you with an analysis of geographic and demographic information in relation to a specific market. In addition to using a range of open sources, we can conduct interviews in order to gain a deeper insight into a particular market or sector.

Legal Research

With access to specialist legal databases, we can provide you with information relating to a specific legal case. We can search available legal sources to establish if a subject has been involved in litigation and what the outcome was. The availability of information from civil and criminal litigation varies considerably by country; we can assist you in finding information and advise you on its availability.

Media Intelligence

To support our clients, we provide media intelligence services including searches of national and international media sources, media monitoring and analysis of specific topics as required. Using proprietary media databases, the Internet and hardcopy sources, we can cover any topic whether it is corporate news, industry news or media coverage of a company executive.

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